Have fun with lighting used in unexpected ways.

Replace your recessed light bulbs with pink (sunrise feeling) or full-spectrum (rosy glow) reflector bulbs.

Have fun with lighting used in unexpected ways. The latest trend in lighting pictures is to use full-spectrum bulbs for a much softer daylight radiance. Hang strings Heat Sink Manufacturer of Christmas lights between your window and your sheers for a lighted curtain at night but remember to cut them off during the day. Cable track systems offer the most flexibility for fixture placement as you rearrange your art. Consider non-glare glass when lighting pictures from a distance.

Nothing brings a picture to life more than proper lighting.

Borrow Nature’s lighting techniques Led PC Cover for theatrical effects. Neon wall sculpture and lighted wall niches add an element of importance to the wall. Picture lights that attach to either the wall or frame, or spotlights from recessed fixtures in the ceiling (make sure they have eyeball or wall washer trims) are very equally effective ways to show off your collections. Have your recessed lights shine through plants, a potted and painted leafless branch, ribbons, etc.

?Shades of Light 2005

. Outline a picture window with rope lights. Put colored light bulbs in your recessed lights for a festive atmosphere. Throw some dramatic shadows on your walls and ceilings with plant uplights.


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